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Scientific and technological achievements - to absorb social capital and entrepreneurial team to participate in the results incubation, to enhance the level of agricultural science and technology incubation, boost agricultural science and technology personnel innovation and entrepreneurship.  We will develop innovative and entrepreneurial paradise featuring outstanding characteristics, business agglomeration, clear industry direction, complete industrial chain and superior service environment.

Asset management - focus on the optimization and integration of enterprises to provide professional services to promote the rational flow of state-owned capital to promote the state-owned capital to the prospective strategic industry and the superior enterprises with core competitiveness, to effectively improve the state capital allocation and operational efficiency, to create industry-leading regional agricultural science and technology group.

Seed industry - taking seed industry enterprises as the core, focusing on strengthening the whole seed industry chain construction. To surround the seed industry layout, construct and improve seed industry research and development, production and breeding, processing and warehousing logistics, display trading infrastructure. Improve the level of farming facilities and economic benefits.

Bio-agriculture - vigorously develop the biological and health industry, promote the construction of bio-agriculture innovation platform and enterprise production base in Wuhan, integrate the external resources, including green breeding, bio-food, biological testing, bio-fertilizer, bio-feed and energy, Spinning, chemical green biotechnology industry operations and other aspects of breakthrough development.

Intelligent Agriculture - build a large data system that integrates rural land, planting, product marketing and scientific research and technical services to create a regional cloud data platform that integrates data monitoring, analysis, distribution and services. Provide new ideas for solving the "three rural issues", explore new ways of modern agricultural construction, and lead a new phase of digital agriculture.

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