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Wuhan Lianyun Science and Technology Development Co., LTD.

Date: 2017-09-01
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 Wuhan Lianyun Science and Technology Development Co., LTD. was established in June 2013. It is a subordinate enterprise affiliated to Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Science. The state-owned enterprise focuses in agricultural technology application, agricultural advisory services and technical development, sales of primary agricultural products and daily provisions, parking services, enterprise management consulting, landscaping services, and trustee fixed asset management. The company sticks to the "nail spirit, real practice and solid work, service the park" concept and insist in the "service first, safety first" work principle. The company starts from logistics services for Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Science, it is a public welfare logistics management company. LianYun fully uses means of marketization and socialization, ensures the safety of the parks and beautiful environment, also ensures that the canteen food is fresh and health, makes sure that the state-owned assets are effectively managed by the company.

 After three years of improvement, Lianyun begun to have a unified and efficient property management, security guard, order maintenance, food processing and greening maintenance team. Aa LianYun is still at the start-up phase, comparing to the companies in the market with mature systems, good operation mode and stable customer resources, Lianyun insist in low charge, high standard, strict management, excellent service and building the brand philosophy. Lianyun strictly implement the party committee’s ideology, i.e. saving cost equals to create value, expanding profit to assist the academic research. The company aims to provide high-quality of logistic service work without increasing burden to Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Science. 




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